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"lost wandering light."
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
art transforms our lives and makes them brighter. we catch special moments, feelings, expressions and emotions in what we do when we do it with love.

i love all forms of art, especially photography and painting. it is fantastic to make a picture magically appear on a blank canvas! taking photos is one of my hobbies, especially of cats as i think that they are pure elegance.
i also enjoy making ooak dolls, especially their dresses. i love doing princess dresses, haha. as i mostly make them as gifts for people that are very dear to me, so every favorit as well as every comment means a lot to me! thank you all so much =3


repainted ooak limited edition hans doll.
first of all: I KNOW THAT THE MOLD IS NOT PERFECT. but still, i was asked to try to transform prince phillip from sleeping beauty into our favorite villain from frozen: prince hans! so i remolded his eyes to be bigger, i partly rerooted him and restyled his hair and gave him a full makeover. he will receive his signature coat and outfit shortly. repaint with acrylics and pastels. tell me what you think!
repainted ooak les bimbettes dolls.
:iconlulemee::iconclaude-on-the-road: and me are super proud to present: LES BIMBETTES! after a lot of work and time and effort and love here they are!

laurette: repaint & hairstyling by lulemee, reroot by claude, dress by me
paulette: repaint, hair styling & reroot by claude, dress by me
claudette: repaint, hair styling, reroot and dress by me

OMG, what do you think?! i LOVE how they look together! i will be posting pics with gaston soon because claude also made a pretty hot gaston to go with them. (;
Was tagged by :iconatfexdolls: :iconclaude-on-the-road: and :iconxxkalassinxx:

Rules --
1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.
2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people.
4. No tag backs, Please!

Rose02   Ribbon 01   Rose02   Ribbon 01   Rose02   Ribbon 01 

Five things about yourself:

1) i adore cats.
2) writing is my passion.
3) i enjoy the little moments in life that make you happy - even if it's just a look or a gesture.
4) dancing makes me feel free.
5) i believe that everything in life happens for a reason.

10 questions from AtfexDolls

1) Do you play video games? What's your favorite?
does the lion king ii count? lol.

2) Do you have any pets?
you can't have enough cats. i am living with three of these little furballs, all from the shelter or the street and they are the most wonderful creatures ever.

3) Do you collect BJDs?

4) Marvel or DC? (or neither :O (Eek))
neither. =P

5) Do you have a hero?
yes, dan brown! he's a genius. i love his writing style.

6) What's your favorite movie?
forrest gump. i always cry at the end ...

7) When do you lie the most?
when i invent reasons why i don't have to get out of bed!

8) Are you neat or messy?
both, haha. is that possible? oh yes! my kitchen, bathroom and hallway are the cleanest things ever but my desk ... don't even ask!

9) If you had to pick one, would you rather be in school or at work (minimum wage)?
depends on the work. if i love the work, i'd always pick the work!

10) What's your favorite hobby?
writing, dancing and drawing. (:

10 questions from claude-on-the-road

1) What's your favorite thing to do when you're creative?
depending on how i feel, i either write a story or paint a doll! ^^

2) Who's your idol or role model?
dan brown because he's a brilliant writer. i love how he works with suspense!

3) Which of your works are you proud of most?
my in loving memory anna. i put so much tears and all my heart into doing her after a family member died that she will always be the most special to me.
repainted ooak in loving memory anna doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht repainted ooak in loving memory anna doll. by verirrtesIrrlicht
however, i hope that i will also love the queen idun i'm working on because she is my absolute favourite disney character ever! <3
repainted ooak frozen queen idun of arendelle. by verirrtesIrrlicht

4) Would you rather live somewhere else?
i would love living in finland but my boy friend doesn't wanna learn finnish, haha.

5) What do you REALLY hate?

6) Favorite animals?
kitty cats and owls!

7) Favorite movies?
forrest gump, best movie ever and i love how tom hanks protrays him!

8) Favorite music?
too much, haha. i listen a lot to alternative music, though, and i currently very much in love with janus and asp because their song texts point a lot to deficiencies in society.

9) Do you like beeing on deviantart?
yes, it's fun! =D

10) Are you satisfied with your care?
ehm, which care do you mean? xD

10 questions from xXKalassinXx

1) Are you a morning person?
if you mean that i go to bed in the morning - yes. =P

Do you hate, just like me, this tag-things.
yes, but i still do them cause i love you. <3

What is your first thought when you get up in the morning and see that there's a horse standing in the hallway.
why can't it be a cat?

What is your normal breakfast?
"OMG I'M SO LATE!" - no time for breakfast.

Do you have chips at home?
do banana chips count?

If you have them, you'd give me some? :O (Eek)-------*droll*
i'd share. ^^

7) Do you also find these questions
you could try more! =P

8) What is your favorite animal?

9) What animal do you hate?
the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout ....

What would be your approach in a zombie apocalypse?

Rose02   Ribbon 01   Rose02   Ribbon 01   Rose02   Ribbon 01 

Our 10 Questions for You:

1) which languages do you speak and which would you still want to learn?
2) what's your favourite form of art?
3) where do you hope to be in 10 years from now?
4) what's your favourite animal and do you have one at home?
5) who's your biggest idol and why?
6) if you could change your real name, what would you change it to?
7) what's your favorite book and why?
8) do you believe in wonders?
9) what's the top #1 thing you still want to do in your life?
10) would you rather travel into a big and busy city or into a lonely, fairy-like forest?

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Happy Valentine's ❤😘💘💖♥💝 I luv ur dolls and thnx for being such a sweet person/friend on dA:blowkiss:
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Do you have a YouTube channel? You should really show us how you make these awesome repaints! Doll repaints are big hits on YouTube, like Dollightful and HeXtian's are very popular
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